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joey for gamemaster

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joey for gamemaster Empty joey for gamemaster

Post  joey Fri May 07, 2010 6:06 pm

Your In Game Name:

Your Age:
i am 13 years old ( turning 14 in september )

Your MSN: ( I keep the MSNs of all the staff)
or you can always contact me at skype ( joeneter10 )

Your active hours: (?:?? - ?:?? weekdays ?:?? - ?:?? weekends then timezone)
i am active on 'weekdays' with 5 to 8 hours a day
In the weekends i am a bit more active like 6 to 9 hours
i live the Netherlands so it's GMT+2

Why Do You Want Position: (If you want to impress me tell me why this server)
I saw this server on top200 page and i thought hmm nice banner so i looked
so i saw the main website and i liked it
i like forums so i thought just making an forum account Smile
and maybe i can help this server to keep it hack clear

What You Plan To Do If We Accept You: (be elaborate don't say "my job")
I will help this server with:
1. hackers,spammers,abusers clear
2. i can donate
3. i want to take people to this server
4. i got some expierence as a GM

Your Goal For Our Server:
I want to make an server with more then 100+ people online everyday
and get under the number 100 on top200 planet list.

Any And All Previous Experience:
i am GM on royalgamerz

At LEAST One Thing I Should Know Before Considering Your Application:
i don't know if you got an admin/GM panel but there must be an:
ban/unban section
give coins section
search account ID / character / AID section

some commands:

extra information:
I hope i will get accepted because i can help this server.
and i want to publish this server and make an populair server.

ending senteces:
Thank you for watching my application carefully
good luck Smile



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joey for gamemaster Empty Re: joey for gamemaster

Post  Jeff Fri May 07, 2010 11:17 pm

You just joined this server. Get to know the community, get more posts, then try to apply again. But for now i don't support. Sorry.


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joey for gamemaster Empty Re: joey for gamemaster

Post  Yong Sat May 08, 2010 11:03 pm

like jeff said come around in game and in forums a bit. Get known. The next time you re-apply tell us something we don't know about you. For example: previous experience, How will you help this server out, Why do you want to help this server, etc. Give us some spontaneous answers. Take this into consideration that don't just give up because you didn't get a chance to be Game-master.

As for now /denied.

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joey for gamemaster Empty Re: joey for gamemaster

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